AlgoWizard/Full Editor/THEN ACTION/EnterAtMarket: Missing calculation-flexibility of fix size: (fix size * Operator * Variable)


I would like to calculate the fixed lotsize while the calculation is running in the builder. This is not the same as running a variable lotsize through the builder.
The builder should calculate the optimal fixed lotsize in a first run and at the same time create a variability in the calculation of the change of the fixed lot size per run by changing this fixed lotsize. This works very well in MT4 / 5.
Calculations of, for example: profit inverse, variability, adjustment coefficients and other adjustment variable and constants on spread (change broker or account or broker cost modell), time, indicator corrections and so on can be calculated.

- see attachments
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04.10.2018 07:29

Task created



04.10.2018 07:29

Attachment calculation fix size-define Var.jpg added

As an alternative to the above, you can also expand the selection of the size mode (Define own size) by 'Define own varible' so that the field for the entry of the fixed lot size becomes a field for the entry of a variable name - See attachement.


Mark Fric

28.11.2018 07:11

Status changed from New to Fixed

original task is here:

There already is possibility to use variable when defining Own size.

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