EA Wizard: get global values from a groupe of trades; and handle single trades of the group

I want to get values from a group (bucket) of multiple trades per ea and per account. Is there something that only load the trades, then you can get and check the values for example:

– Global Filter/account/per MT4-Software: Number of long positions

– Global Filter/per account/per MT4-Software: Number of short positions

I want to be able to select every single trade / order and do what I want: for example, change TP or SL, delete, cancel, headge.

This should be possible via the function 'For each Trade' to select a trade - see attachment:

- Buy or short trade

- loop direction (Newest to oldest ...)

- skip x trades

- every n trade

- magic no.

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04.10.2018 07:57

Task created



04.10.2018 07:57
Is it possible to implement these above mentioned requirements with Release Candidate 4?

With that, I could start using the EA Wizzard with more flexibility, just like everyone else.


Mark Fric

04.10.2018 07:57
we'll look at it, I'm not sure we'll be able to do it into RC4, we'll try


04.10.2018 07:57
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