4.30.0 - to choose how much letters/marks must be recognized for symbol during loading report

Version 4.30.0
In this new version QA recognizes each strategy as new symbol and it wants by hand check point valule ant pip/tick sieze - this is terrible, especially if I need load lot of strategies into QA (for example 2000).
I reinstalled 4.30.0 back to 4.20 version. See attached file what name for strategies I use and QA 4.30.0 automatically sets as symbol.

Solution can be to enter how much letters/marks from beginnig of strategy name QA uses as letters/marks differentiation. Very often it is enough to use first 6 letters/marks for good recognizing - for example EURUSD, EURGBP, XAUUSD etc. have 6 letters.
QA 4300 eaxh strategy is recognized as unique symbol.gif
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02.04.2019 01:13

Task created

Subject changed from 4.30.0 - to choose how much symbol must be recognized for symbol during loading report to 4.30.0 - to choose how much letters/marks must be recognized for symbol during loading report



02.04.2019 07:58
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02.04.2019 07:59

Actually I tried to change the settings file but I cant get it to load more then 1 strategy at the time anyway..  I got me a free mouse clicker set it to 10 ms and start adding strategies . :)

This need to be fixed.



02.04.2019 09:17
symbol need to be taken right from SQX file, as it works for STR files....there is not other solution


03.04.2019 01:18
Voted for this task.


03.04.2019 01:57

Yes and from SQ3 and .sqa files straight too, or I will have to load SQ3 strgs inti SQX and save back tin SQX format and after load back to fixed QA?

Sometimes I used files from older portfolios. SPlit old portfolios to strategies, after I delete copies save and after for example next day load back to QA, and this is with 4.30.0 version problem - muse clicker crazy work.

Till fixed I must use older 4.20 version.



04.07.2019 11:05

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