[4.3.0] not correct import from MT5 URGENT SERIOUS BUG !!!!

This is the situation :

 Importing a backtest from the recent EA  ( ATS Infinity) in MT5 ( which makes besides other things partial closes)-

the problem is that as you are importing the results to QA the trades gets distorted. some trades are shown as lasting 400 days ( !!!!) while the trade was lasting just some hours

So the tools become unusable right now and it's a real pity.

Another thing to consider is that this happens with the backtest made in MULTICURRENCY mode. It means that in the same backtest there are many currency pairs trading ( one of the capabilities of the MT5)

If trying to split the portfolio imported in multiple currencies in QA then the results are also distorted as you may see easily checking the individual resulting pairs

I think this deserves IMMEDIATE attention as one of the very best specs in MT5 is the ability to make this multicurrency test.
Im using the 4.20.2 version  license 7A4AD6



smart trend multi DD 27 con 02 risk 2012 2019 gmt 1 MT5 ic markets.html
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03.04.2019 11:32

Task created



03.04.2019 13:57

Status changed from New to Fixed

MT5 loader was fixed in the last version 4.3.0

You can download it here https://strategyquant.com/quantanalyzer/download/



04.04.2019 11:33

Attachment control news en condiciones cuenta real 2018 entero risk 05 gmt 2 con 100k.html added

Hello  Tamas

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, the bug is still here in  4.3.0 . It's VERY frustrating.

Check this report in your QA and you will also trade lasting 50 days which is absurd as the strategy is closing the trades in a matter of hours or at maximum 2 or 3 days.

So the bug not solved.



08.04.2019 11:05
Hello again :

 Let's tell that this is NOT a question for a forum... This is a serious bug that needs to be solved by the developer.

 this software is not a "freeware" made by a group of an idealist... This is a commercial product made by people earning their lives with it.

 i  think will be fair to answer and to give a solution to something which is totally and fr evident.

If the software is not capable to interpret well the results of a backtest made in MT5 platform. what's the usefulness of everything together?




08.04.2019 19:15

Status changed from Fixed to In progress

Priority changed from Low to Normal

We will look into it ASAP.

I loaded your report to QA ant all the stats except trade duration are correct.



09.04.2019 21:28

Everything correct "but" trade duration?

Does this mean that this is not affecting any of the other calculations?

If there is something taking the data in error means will be other error calculation while creating portfolios or separating the strategies by symbol

Pleae let us knwo the final solution for this





16.04.2019 23:34

Attachment ReportHistory-RealAccount14368_19_03_TO_15_04.html added

Attachment errormessage_LoadReportfromMT5.png added

Hi, I received an error trying to import a html report from MT5. It´s not backtest, but my account history.

I'm using the last version 4.30.0 of QA. Attached follows the report  and error message.




17.04.2019 15:01

I think Rodolfo this is not exactly the place for your request as the issue is not the same

Best Regards




07.06.2019 18:14
MT5 history statements are not supported 

Lordorly , there are multiple orders opened at the same time for the same instrument.

Are you using hedging mode  ?

I am not sure if we are able to load these backtests correctly without additional information included in the report.



03.07.2019 10:51

Status changed from In progress to Fixed

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