[4.5.0] MM does not work as setting

I imported a portfolio developed with SQX in QA. This portfolio is filled with strategies that work with Fixed amount 20$. I tried to calculate the MM in Money Management changing settings with risk 0,2% on account 18.000, that is 36$ about at beginning. Now i think that at beginning it will be open max 2x microlots that open original MM. But is not so. At first trade open 90 microlots against 1 microlots in original MM. Then open sometimes a correct number of microlots and suddenly 96 microlots..... You understand that is impossible that work so.
Original MM.pdf
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Risk fixed 02.pdf
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Riepilogo MM.png
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16.05.2019 15:11

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08.07.2019 22:05

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Can you please attach the sqx file to reproduce the bug?

Pdf reports cannot be loaded back to QA.


Mark Fric

12.08.2019 13:21

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