What if Analysis - ability to create bulk What if Analyses at a time

Currently when I want to create a What if analysis, I can only do this for 1 strategy at a time. 

Also, if I run a What if Analysis for a portfolio, it doesn't keep the strategies in the portfolio in the What If result. Instead this converts the portfolio into a simple strategy.

Can it be made so that a What if Analysis keeps all of the strategies in a portfolio.

Can it also be made so that What if Analysis can be run in bulk for all selected strategies instead of only 1 strategy at a time.

This will be EXTREMELY useful for helping find the best Walk Forward results in a strategy loaded from SQX because:
1. SQX cannot split WFM strategies out of a strategy with WFM results
2. SQX does not display statistics for WFM result within a strategy easily e.g Stability, Fitness, Ret/DD etc. for all listed WFM results in a table
3. QA4 does not display the OOS statistics for WFM results for each individual WFM result and so I must use the What if Analysis to pick only the trades during the OOS periods manually by using a date range

Thanks :)

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04.02.2020 11:37

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04.02.2020 11:38
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21.02.2020 11:45

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Money Management and Whatif Bulk scripts to share with anyone else interested in this ticket


23.04.2020 15:02

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08.06.2021 09:23
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08.06.2021 09:49

Is the ability to create batch what-if analysis still under development?

In addition, can I use what-if conditions to build Automatic Portfolio Builder?

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