MT4 Report Drawdown different than Overview after "Open Balance" calc

I use Tickdata Suite to Backtest in my MT4 using Dukascopy Tickdata.
My used backtest is attached.

I imported it into QA, noticed the Difference in Drawdown and then found out about "Open Balance".
From Tickdata Suite I exported the Data in M1 Metatrader Format and placed it into /minutedata and run "Open Balance" afterwards.
Now when I select Time for the Equity Charts X Achsis I can see the Drawdown that should match the Backtest.

However, if I go to "Overview" I still see the same (wrong) Drawdown Value in that Strategy.

I checked out this script: and adjusted the Point-Size of AUDCAD.
I messed arround with the Tick-Size as well as the Point Value by increasing/decreasing by factor 10 and the Drawdown remains untouched.
Already updated to 4.80.0 and I still have the same issue.

Is there a Bug or anything I am missing in the Settings?
If required, I can provide my minutedata.csv as well.

AUDCAD 8.htm
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Patrik Hörmann

14.12.2020 13:33

Task created


Patrik Hörmann

14.12.2020 13:35
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Patrik Hörmann

14.12.2020 13:36

Attachment Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-14 um 120329.png added

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-14 um 120329.png
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Attached is a Showcase of the DD Difference.


14.12.2020 13:51

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Can you attach also the minutes data please ?


14.12.2020 13:52
AUDCAD point value = 75000, tickpip size = 0.0001


14.12.2020 18:54
CSV Minutes Data used:


15.12.2020 01:48
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15.12.2020 10:57

Attachment image-0.png added

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Thanks for the data. QA uses minutes data to compute open balances - mt4 backtest was done with Tick precision.

You can retest the strategy with M1 precision and compare the results.



15.12.2020 10:58

Status changed from Waiting for information to Fixed


Patrik Hörmann

15.12.2020 17:56
I use Tickdata Suite with Tickdata to run the Backtest.

How can I run a M1 precision Backtest?
Does this would mean I need to run a backtest with "Open Prices" and not Tickdata?
I guess this defeats the whole purpose of Tickdata Testing.

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