Export function for MtQuantAnalyser 1.1.0 "list of trades"

Dear SQ team,

the little MTQuantAnalyser tool is quite helpful!

My proposal is to have an export function to export  the "list of trades" in MTQuantAnalyser plug-in in a csv-file (for use in excel).

Please see picture in attachment for an example list of trades, that I want to export.

Also it would be helpful to have an option (checkbox) to export the csv file in European standard (that means: f.e. not lots: 0.01 -> instead 0,01 or profit 12.55 -> 12,55 that means comma instead of point) and also € instead of $. That is not a must, but helps to reduce time in data transformation in excel.

Thanks for evaluating that proposal.



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15.12.2020 18:28

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