The same portfolio has different stagnation values in "simple strategies" and "portfolio".

The same portfolio has different stagnation values in "simple strategies" and "portfolio".

After I use many single strategies to generate a portfolio, I export the portfolio to a  .sqa  format file, and then import it into databank of"simple strategies". I find that for the same portfolio, there is a big difference between databank of"simple strategies" and databank of "portfolio",for example  the column of stagnation  and the column of annual% return / max DD%.

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Portfolio 5464102115146153.sqa
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22.03.2021 08:36

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22.03.2021 09:00

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I cannot reproduce the bug because you did not attach the original strategies to create a portfolio.

The difference could be in Commission/Swap!? Try to uncheck this option on Loading dialog -> Advanced options while loading back the portfolio.



22.03.2021 14:34

Attachment Strategy 1150.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 1180.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 1181.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 1183.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 1281.sqx added

Strategy 1150.sqx
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Strategy 1183.sqx
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Strategy 1281.sqx
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Strategy 1180.sqx
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Strategy 1181.sqx
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I added the original. Sqx file, you can use this to test, in fact, you can find any  . Sqx file import should be the same result, as long as according to the process I said. The first step is toimport the. Sqx file.   Second, create a portfolio.  Third, save the portfolio in. SQA format.    Step 4: import this. SQA.    The fifth step is to compare the portfolio created in the second step with the portfolio imported in the fourth step.


22.03.2021 15:00

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Did you uncheck "Include Commission/Swap in PL" ???!  Please do it to get the same result.


23.03.2021 03:51
Yes,you are right, I did not uncheck "Include Commission/Swap in PL",Now the results are the same. Thank you very much.

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