Proposal of Addition to of features to MT QuantAnalyzer

I would like to make a suggestion if you can add a few components as you see fit and possible on MT QuantAnalyzer. First on the Tab: List of Trades - maybe if you can add a column that shows Percentage Changes of the acc with each change in Profit/Loss of each trade, will attach my screenshot of what i am trying to explain from my excel sheet. Say i win $10 on a trade, now that win as a percentage change to the current acc balance should be reflected on the column immediately after the winning trade. Likewise if i loose the immediate loss should reflect the percentage change in proportion to the loss.

Another suggestion: on Overview tab, if you can add a function to show as well Total Swap and Total Commision that has been incurred i think that will be ok as well

Last Suggestion; would you add a function that will show: Total Withdrawals from the trading account.

Will be grateful to see new features and functions added


Urayayi Kwinika.
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Tomas Hruby

04.06.2021 13:10

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