Better sorting of symbols In Quant Analyzer

I have requested this long ago, and in the discussion category but don’t get replied. It has been ignored. It almost seems like such an obvious selection we should be able to make when filtering trades in the analyzer. We can “What If…” filter by hours of day, days of week and months of year.

But given the TYPE of pairs we trade manually or with EA can give such a difference in performance, can we PLEASE have the option to sort “What If…” by checkbox, currency symbols?

And then, once we sort by “What If”, I then notice it is not possible to then view the individual symbols performance. It only shows overall portfolio. Can this be added too?

And on trade analysis tab, is it possible we can have a graph option for P/L by

  • symbol


Also, when viewing the portfolio equities only, can we please make these coloured lines thicker, and the key colours thicker, like blocks of colour? Because I’m colour blind I find it almost impossible to see what pairs are performing better than others. Then I have to record each one separately on the analysis. Sometimes also when hovering over the lines it does not show the details properly.

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