Load report error from Multicharts performance report

error info:
Portfolio Performance Report.xlsx
- error loading using Multicharts loader - Failed to parse row 3: 1.0,@ES,1.0,EntryLong,Buy,Mon Oct 30 00:00:00 GMT 2006,Sun Dec 31 00:00:00 GMT 1899,1212.25,1.0,25.8,4.256547741802434E-4,25.8,2.58E-4,47.9,7.902660342338626E-4,-177.1,-0.0029218395545473294, - Cannot get a text value from a numeric cell
- error loading using ForexSB loader - Failed to parse row: Net Profit,122995.90000000043,118704.10000000041,4291.799999999997, - Cannot get a numeric value from a text cell
- error loading using ZuluTrade loader - Automatic detection of date format failed. Reason: Incorrect trade definition!?
Line: All Trades,Long Trades,Short Trades,
- error loading using Tradestation loader - Failed to load Tradestation report file: Portfolio Performance Report-bigrange.xlsx - Failed to parse row: Total # of Trades,498.0,477.0,21.0, - Cannot get a numeric value from a text cell

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27.11.2021 13:11

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