Get error messages when dowloading AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD & USDCHF tick data

I had hoped to attach a screen capture of error messages received but since installing the software, a couple of days ago, I have been unable to complete the downloads of these four currency pairs, and due to another bug in the software (reported earlier) I cannot control other windows programs whilst your software has focus, to obtain the required screen capture.
All the down loads appear to hang on early dates? I know the data is available for download as I have run TickStory data service over the past year and I have had no issues with their software downloading data? The error message shown on your software, for each currency pair, says "Error whilst performing Dukascopy import".
Shutting down and rebooting your software does not solve the bug? Re-order the downloads does not solve the bug?
Your software's down loads are slow.
The functionality to have multiple threads/downloads occurring at the same time, enhancing downloads' speed, appears not to work? Your software has actually managed to lock up the network connection and make the modem drop out? Something I haven't seen in a long time. I have a 100Mb optic fire broadband internet connection and so this this no small achievement.
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05.01.2020 06:16

Task created



30.04.2020 08:00
I had a similar problem with downloading some symbol data. Deleting the Symbol and then adding it back again resolved it for me

Petr Šomek

01.06.2020 13:01

Status changed from New to In progress


Petr Šomek

01.06.2020 15:25

Status changed from In progress to Fixed

I have tested all problematic symbols. Every download finished without any issue now.

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