List of bugs

• Add OOS does not work + show chart function..
• No Save/Load Setting?...
• Cannot write my own date, only by picking from calendar....., that sucks..
• End of Day and Friday Exit time options cannot be changed by writing inside the time i want..
• At Money Management i cannot set 0.01 lot only 0.1 as the lowest or 0... please fix this..
• Cannot set IS or OOS specific rankings only general IS+OOS not specific..
• No zoom IN/OUT in the Equity Chart when viewing a strategy.
• Stagnation wont show at all when viewing the Equity Chart of a strategy using X Axis = Trades, but when using Time it will show.
• Trade List when viewing a strategy wont show any Trades sometimes.., but then later when choosing another Tabs and returning to Trade Lists it will show the trades like it should be.
• Would be cool to see an options to view all the stats of the strategy in % / $ / PIPs - just like in QuantAnalyzer4, that will be awesome!
• Does SQ4 now works like it should be working with AZ-INVEST's custom charts plugins?, that is absolutely a must! 

Thats all for now, thanks i hope you will fix those soon,

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  • Project StrategyQuant X
  • Type Bug
  • Status Fixed
  • Priority Normal




01.06.2017 15:05

Task created



02.06.2017 02:06

Priority changed from Urgent to Normal


Mark Fric

07.06.2017 10:14

Status changed from New to Confirmed

some of the points are already fixed (will be released in Beta 2), we'll look at the rest

Mark Fric

16.06.2017 17:06

Status changed from Confirmed to In progress


Mark Fric

27.06.2017 08:51

Status changed from In progress to Fixed

changing % / % / pips would be a nice feature, it will be done later

support for AZ INVEST plugins will be also done later

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