generate some good strategy but not good in mt4 back test

I have some good strategies generated , bur when test in mt4 using birt 99% accurate back test . it is totally different with couple trade losing trades or nor trades at all,
i believe convert to mql4 is not right? or the beta version's engine is not right,
I have 3 strategies attached.

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11.06.2017 17:55

Task created


Mark Fric

16.06.2017 17:26

Status changed from New to In progress

I'm sorry, but we haven't been able to finished compatibility tests for all the indicators and building blocks, so it is possible the results don't match. Current Beta version is not yet meant to replace SQ3 as a reliable strategy creator, we focus on testing the program user interface and features first.

But we are working on it, we will make the tests results match 100% with MT4



28.06.2017 04:58

Thank you, so you mean the strategy reported result should still right, the problem is the converting to  mt4 coding ?



13.08.2017 12:08

Priority changed from High to Urgent



04.09.2017 13:38

Attachment 0c168c42cd7d993.sq4 deleted



04.09.2017 13:44

Attachment eac07c5a40b7332.sq4 deleted



04.09.2017 16:19

Attachment 046c74f45ba6d36.sq4 deleted


Mark Fric

13.10.2017 15:37
we made further progress with this, but we weren't able to finish it all. 

But backtest in SQ should be more reliable and same as in MT4 for majority of strategies.


Mark Fric

02.11.2017 16:59

Status changed from In progress to Fixed

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