some error in importing data

1,Some confused setting:

We can add symbol in 'Data' or  'Instruments'  of 'Data Manager'.  But sometimes it could be invalid.  It show nothing after add symbol. And it prompt that it have that symbol when we add it again.
I like the simple setting like  that in the SQ3.8. It's more clear in SQ3.8 than that in SQ4.
2, it can't recognize the timeframe
I try many times, but beta2 can't recognize the time frame. it is always tick type.

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17.06.2017 06:25

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19.06.2017 01:00
I confirm that issue too, it always recognizes it as "TICK", impossible to import our own data into Beta 2 because of that.

Tomas Brynda

29.06.2017 10:01

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