[SQ4 B2] "Randomize Slippage from..." < 1 not possible, says "Minimum value is 1". Why?

As the topic says, I would like to set a randomized slippage range of 0.2 to 1 pips in the "Robustness tests".

Why can´t the minimum be < 1? My average slippage as logged by my Excel spreadsheets is about 0.7 pips with my broker. So I would like to be able to randomize the slippage with values < 1 for the minimum. This was possible in SQ 3.8.1, why not in SQ 4? Bug or intended to limit us like that? If intended, please remove that minimum of 1, most brokers have sub 1 pip slippage nowadays and I want to correctly replicate this in SQ4. Thanks.
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18.06.2017 22:42

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18.06.2017 22:46
The same problem exists for "Randomize spread from", also can only set something > 1 pips as the minimum, while I have a spread of 0.2 pips with my broker on EURUSD, hence would like to randomize between 0.2 and ~1.5 pips (which is their max).

Also the same problem for "Randomize min distance from price from".


Mark Fric

25.06.2017 21:04
enable decimal numbers smaller than 1 for spread, slippage, min distance

Tomas Brynda

26.06.2017 11:06

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