[SQ4 B2] Can´t set floating point weight in "Weightes Fitness (multiple goals)"

In SQ 3.8.1 I have always been using my own fitness function. I am trying to replicate this in SQ 4 B2 as well and for that, I would need to assign a weight of "0.2" to "Profit Factors" (this was no problem in SQ 3.8.1). Trying to do this in SQ4 B2, it tells me that the value must be a "number" and afterward jumps to "undefined" for the weight, leaving no way to change it back at all anymore. It says as "undefined", whatever I try.

Please make it possible to use floating point values for the weights, like it was possible in SQ 3.8.1 and fix the "undefined" problem too.

Thank you :)
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18.06.2017 22:58

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18.06.2017 23:02
Update: None of the weights is taking any floating values at all, always gives the above error and then switches to "undefined" and cannot be changed back ever. This was no problem in SQ 3.8.1

Mark Fric

21.07.2017 11:41

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06.10.2017 18:53

Status changed from Confirmed to Fixed

Thanks for the report. It will be released in the next version.

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