[SQ4 B2] Saving settings should ask for "Do you want to overwrite" if file already exists

Nothing serious, but if currently saving the settings to an XML and that XML exists, SQ just overwrites the file without the usual "Do you want to overwrite" warning that is common in Windows programs.
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18.06.2017 23:05

Task created


Mark Fric

26.06.2017 13:34
The same when saving strategy in Databank as a single file (not multiple files). 

If there is a file with this name in destination folder, it is overwritten without any prompt. SQ should display message "File with name Xyz already exists in this folder. Do you want to overwrite it? Yes/No 

If multiple files are saved at once then overwrite it without any prompt.


Tomas Brynda

26.06.2017 20:07

Status changed from New to Fixed



27.09.2021 16:44
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