strategy from template not working

tried this function seems not working, please check.  hopefully this  is usage issues.
i created template with 3 conditions with a rnd logic insert so there should generate 4 strategies but it either generate >1000  strategies  or 0 dependents on how it starts,
i am attaching the template file here  

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24.06.2017 01:00

Task created


Mark Fric

27.06.2017 09:41

Status changed from New to Fixed

there was a bug, but there were also a few problems with this template - it had no order closing, so it would open only one order and never close it.


30.06.2017 20:36
I tried again in beta 3 , sees like still the same supposed to have only 4 strategies generate , but still keep generating endlessly. 



04.09.2017 13:40

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