Can't select all strs in databank.

1. It is not easy to select all  or some strs in databank. I think it's better that there are checkboxes in the leftmost column.
When I scroll down the bar in the right, the databank change to flicker . I think this is bug.
And I am also confused with some dataview setting.  Is the profit factor's result in %, money or pips?

2. when Moving strs to the retester,  it didn't response some times.
And Robustness tests takes more  time than sq3.8. Have the robust tests not be optimized yet?

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03.07.2017 07:40

Task created


Mark Fric

24.07.2017 12:39

Status changed from New to Refused

we are working on improved databank, we might need to make a bigger changes into the grid component.

as for robustness tests speed - backtests in general are slower than in SQ3 yet, we have it on our list.

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