Request: column to show worst year's profit

Mark: can you include a column of data to show a strategies worst year's performance?  One component of my workflow is to find strategies (in bulk) that are profitable every year.

This should show in the sort-able columns just like the other metrics that are available.

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  • Project StrategyQuant X
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05.07.2017 22:03

Task created


Mark Fric

28.07.2017 10:13
I'll make it as an example of SQ4 customization, but I'll not make it in this Beta, it has to wait for Beta 5

Mark Fric

25.08.2017 09:45
I'm sorry, but it is postponed to Beta 6

Mark Fric

29.08.2017 10:12

Status changed from New to Fixed

done in Beta 5

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