Too many error alarms with UI freeze when I build strategies with my own template.

During build process using sq4 template file and config file attached,
Too many error messages alerted. 
When I double click the created strategy in databank to see its "equity chart" or "Trade Analysis" tab, tons of error messages generated like picture attached.

Also, after 8 hours of build running, 
UI not responds. All I can see is just black blank screen. (as you can see in the attached picture)
but SQ4 seems still running.
After forced termination of SQ4, restart it, and I can see the recovered strategies in databank.

I posted these two problems on single task because I think these two problems may have some connections.

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07.07.2017 05:24

Task created



07.07.2017 05:37
This is SQ4 Beta3 and my machine has 2 CPUs (Xeon E5-2497v2  * 2) + 256GB memory.


Mark Fric

24.07.2017 10:49

Status changed from New to Refused

problems not related to strategy generation. They both should be fixed in the new update.


04.09.2017 13:33

Attachment 8814a2f2f1a9985.sq4 deleted



04.09.2017 13:33

Attachment 8f3506b08774a53.png deleted



04.09.2017 13:36

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04.09.2017 13:37

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