Swap costs

Please add swap costs as a data element such as commission and affect each trade profit in function of swap costs and amount of time when trade was open. 

In real trading, the swap costs of course can change a lot in different brokers and throughout time but they are an essential part of overall costs in long term strategies. Therefore it's important for the trader to have some way to simulate these costs. Even if the swap costs that one would use in a simulation cannot be totally exact, the total absence of possibility to allocate the costs of having trades open for a long period of time is the worst case scenario and least exact option of all. 

Due to the variable nature of this cost, it would also be important to be able to run robustness costs around this parameter because different strategies will be more or less sensitive to variations of this cost depending on the time range the trades are maintained open.

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thanks for the idea. Swap is planned, I'm not sure we'll make it in the next update though.


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