107: box checked or unchecked

Mark - I think the check boxes can be deleted.  Take a look at attachment.  It seems like they are checked when 2 of 2 tests are being used, but not one.

I think the text "1 of 2 checks" communicates the message enough and the actual checking of the boxes is not needed.


box checked or unchecked.jpg
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29.07.2018 17:12

Task created


Mark Fric

30.07.2018 20:01

Status changed from New to Refused

I understand, but they not only show what is checked, but also allow to check/uncheck all cross checks in the category with one click.


30.07.2018 21:15
Mark: I get it but each time they would be "used", they will be edited and reviewed from the crosschecks screen.

The crosschecks screen should be where they are edited, but they could "display" on the retester screen.

This is just my opinion, having two places to engage a setting just creates confusion and room for error in code.

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