Numerous trades opening and immediately exiting.

So I’ve developed a few thousand strategies and have tested about 30 of them on my demo account for MT4 with strategy quant. What I see continuously happening on a lot of my strategies that have gone through all three developments (builder/retested/optimizer) is trades opening and immediately closing within seconds. I’ve seen this happen as much as 70 times, before a trade actually sticks. Through my previous development of my own automated trading before I bought Startegy Quant, I’ve come to realize that this is caused by having an exit signal based off of a different indicator than the entry signal. There are essentially two ways to fix this that I’ve been doing manually in the algo wizard. 

1: you can change the exit signal to use the same indicator as the entry signal. This ensures that at least the conditions that cause entry won’t cause exit.
2: you can add a condition to the entry signal that basically checks the exit indicator to make sure the exit conditions aren’t true.
 I find 2 to be the more effective one. 

It appears builder will check for trades that close on the same bar, but even when this test is passed, I still get this type of condition.
I am currently working on a strategy that’s been working great except for giving up 5% return a day because of this issue. I went in and manually added a number 2 type fix and then optimized the new startegy without changing anything else. After adding this new strategy as an ea to my MT4, I was able to watch both the new and old strategies enter the same trade. Old startegy blinked open close 34 times, while fixed startegy opened 1 trade and stayed open.
I feel very strongly that this type of change would benefit Strategy Quant greatly because I get many theories spit out by the builder that either don’t trade because there’s not entry signals, or this issue.
One of the biggest challenges I’ve been having is creating hundreds of strategies and having to go through them manually to check to see if they’re viable before I can demo test them, despite the software saying that there is very good results with what is essentially a bad strategy. I can’t tell you how much I love this suite of software, but less is more when it comes to spitting out strategies. I’d rather have 5 viable ones turn out, then 500 when only 5% of them are usable. If these contingencies that I discussed above can be added, I ,(and I’m sure a lot of customers also), would appreciate it.
I’m not on my computer right now, but I can provide before and after strategies that have my manual changes if you’d like to see them.

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