No strategies using multi timeframe - long build


I hope I can explain this one correctly, it's possible I'm missing something. I'm running a custom workflow to generate strategies using Multi-TF timeframe on the same currency.

1) I run a separate build task for short and long trades. My build task for short trades runs fine and I get a decent number of accepted strategies in the databank.
2) When I clone the short build task and only switch the trade direction to long trades setting - I never get any accepted long strategies. there is an error in the log "StrategyTemplateGenerator - Cannot get data decimals of unknown symbol 'Same as main chart'". I did try setting the subchart manually to the same data as the main chart and that got rid of that error, but I still get no strategies.

Not sure why when building long strategies I'm not getting any strategies? The same task flow seems to work on single timeframe builds.

See log, screenshots and config attached.


Build strategies - Long.cfx
(21.46 KiB)
Build strategies - Short Settings.cfx
(21.48 KiB)
Same as main chart error.jpg
(213.14 KiB)
Build results.jpg
(117.16 KiB)
(164.51 KiB)
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Mark Fric

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