Build 120.94 - Builder, lot of symmetry bugs with symmetry entry/exit setting

Buil 120.94, symmetry bugs in builder

Hello dev team.
See attached files in zip (more then 10 files at once). I found lot of symmetry bugs in created strategies with symmetry settings. After more time i Was exhausted tžo look for other bugs with other indicatros, pattern. An I dd not prinstscreens due lot of different bugs.
I have other more strategies with strange symmetry 0 % with symmetry setting at EURUSD M30 2003-2019. It is higher probability that other 0 % symmetry strategies have the same symmetry bug too. I store this strategies and I can send this strgs if you want in zip format.
Generally strgs at EURUSD 2003-2019 with symmetry 0 % with symmetric entry/exit builder setting have with higher probability some symmetric bug, teh same ot other relatively symmetric other markets (XAUUSD has lower symmetry due big bullish trend in past).

Some recognized symmetry bugs in attached files:
- StdDev < or >  number is not symmetric (for example >1 and <2)
- = and <> are used as opposite operator for short and long (for example for long is = and for short <>, it is bad as you can see in strgs with 0 % symmetry with this usage = and <>)
- Highets/Lowest different number of bar rising/falling
- Bullspower (may be Bearpower too)
- Stochastic crosse below/above - (minus number), but Stochastic is 0 to 100 only, not under 0
- Keltner channel crosses strange low/max curve
- ADX with different parameter for lon/short
- Smoothed moving average x linear Wighted moving average as opposite indicators
- Ichimoku different parameters
- ParabolicSAR 2 nd parameter different for long/short
And probably others. It is for dev team to search symmetry bugs with symmetrioc settings in strategies with 0 % symmetry.


Vl. Todt
Build120 symmetry bugs Todt strgs and config.rar
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Mark Fric

30.06.2020 10:24

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this is older task, I believe all these issues were already fixed. I wasn't able to reproduce them, everything works correctly in the newest builds.

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