ATR is Different between MT4 and SQ

Dear SQ Team

I find something different between your ATR indicator when I input MT4.
I think that is why always different test result when people use ATR with SQ.
You can find the value at different on MT4 with your sqATR.
Is this normally? or not? thank you.

MT4 ATR.png
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10.06.2019 12:00

Task created


Mark Fric

13.06.2019 10:39

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yes, it is different. sqATR is a standatd ATR implementation, MT4 uses their own non-standard one.

There is a MTATR building blocks that matches MT ATR indicator, but your strategy is tested in SQ using the same ATR block that is used in MT, so either SQ ATR or MTATR, so it should match. This shouldn't be the reason for differences between SQ and MT.

If you see differences between MT and SQ tests please create a new task and attach your strategy there. It is extensively tested, and the resuts match - with the same data and settings.



13.06.2019 11:15

Thank you very much Mark, I got it.

I will tell my student if they find something wrong with different result between MT and SQ

I will upload all info you need, thank you.

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