SQ3 vs. SQX code is not the same


I found earlier more good strategies in old SQ3, if there was PROFIT TRAILING and TRAiLING STOP.
I think, if I import an old SQ3 strategy to the SQX, the code is not the same.

It seems to me to disappear one part of the code....

Could you please check it?

Brg: Csaba
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24.09.2019 02:12

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Mark Fric

24.09.2019 08:50

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you are right, but it is intentional. In SQ3 there are two profit trailing types (Profit trailing, Stop trailing), in SQ X there is only one, more universal. 

So SQ3 strategy that uses both trailing stops cannot be converted exactly as it is to SQ X strategy.

SQ X is a new major version, and although it is mostly backwards compatible, it is not 100%.

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