Data download very slow and hanging

Downloading data for assets from Dukascopy as well as SQ Equity etc. is very slow and hangs regularly without progress. When restarting SQ pro 1.25 (latest version) the first 5-10 downloads go faster, after that everything stops again. After waiting 3-4 days, no progress. So SQ pro is then of little use without accurate datafiles.

Other software (R, RStudio, Python and Zorro) I'm using on the same Windows 10 instance download these datafiles fast and without problems.

After contacting SQ I reinstalled SQ Pro with the latest version form the zip-file, but that did not help at all.

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27.11.2019 09:10

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27.11.2019 09:45

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Can you attach the log file and create some printscreens of data tab when it hangs?

Data download should be fast and without any problems, especially for SQ Pro users.


Mark Fric

27.11.2019 15:20
can you tell me what data you are downloading? also, attach a screenshot of databamager when it is freezing if possible.

It would help us reproduce exactly what you are doing.



29.11.2019 11:03

Attachment added

See the logfiles for the last 5 days attached. I kept SQ this week alive without interuption for downloading datafiles. 

Petr Šomek

02.07.2020 09:25

Status changed from Waiting for information to Fixed

- 125 is old version

- download was updated from this version

- data were moved to new cdn

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