4.127 beta, optimazation profile missing

I used optProfile/sys parameter permutation.

sys Parameter permutation is ok but
but if you click on optimaziation profile 
you get the info. "No optimaziation profile found"

and the left window is empty.

Retest settings.cfx
(3.67 KiB)
optimazation profile performance distribution missing.png
(77.15 KiB)
sys parameter permutation ok.png
(107.92 KiB)
optimization profile1.png
(66.21 KiB)
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28.04.2020 13:28

Task created


Tomas Brynda

29.04.2020 09:09

Status changed from New to In progress

Hi Tnickel,

I tried to simulate this issue, but with no success. Optimization profile is working for me. 

Can you also attach the problematic strategy? 

Best regards,



Tomas Brynda

30.04.2020 08:08

Status changed from In progress to Waiting for information



30.04.2020 10:56

Attachment Strategy 216173.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 322168.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 46168.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 611116.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 83161.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 89187.sqx added

Attachment Strategy 811118.sqx added

Attachment log_2020_04_30.log added



30.04.2020 11:14

this was the 4.127 beta development, I will test it on 4.127 and post the result in some minutes.

=> same problem with 4.127 release version. Please load strategies and take datasettings. I hope this happens on your system too.

It is a multitimeframe H1/daily/Weekly strategy


Tomas Brynda

30.04.2020 11:42

Status changed from Waiting for information to Fixed

Ok, thanks a lot.

I tried to retest your strategies in the last public build using your settings and I got the same error.

In our current internal development build it is working fine, so it should be already fixed.

I have fixed some issues regarding Weekly a Monthly blocks in recent days, maybe that solved it.

Best regards,


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