No trades when SQX 128 strategy copied to MC

I've had a few instances where a strategy generated by SQX 128 produces no trades at all in backtesting once transferred to MC. One such example strategy and the data file that generated it is attached. This is 8 point Renko bar data with real open and tails. Note that I had to reduce the size of the data file from the original so this site would allow it to be attached.
SQ128 NQCL R8 SL 13119 A62 DD136 N9646 T213 D30.txt
(6.13 KiB)
NQ8RenkoC30 daysday.txt
(2.94 MiB)
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14.05.2020 21:24

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Tomas Brynda

10.06.2020 11:51

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Hi Gregorian,

please attach your SQX strategy and a longer history data so I could test it.

You can use my google disk folder hereĀ; if you need

Best regards,



Tomas Brynda

30.06.2020 09:59

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