[127] Since v128 was announced, SQX is trying start even if it is not triggered to do so. It happens few times a day.

[127] SQX is trying start even if it is not triggered to do so. It happens few time a day. It was not the case before, I think it started to happen since v128 appeared. 

With its message box it is locking Windows bottom bar (other apps cant be started), so Alt+Tab needs to be used to access SQX window and confirm/deny action. It sometimes needs to be repeated few times.

I had also the case that SQX tried to start the same way after PC restart despite it is not set in Autostart.

I keep working on v127, I am not intending to move to move to v128 yet.


Blinking propcess is self-appearing in Windows bar.

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01.06.2020 17:41

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01.06.2020 18:51
It is trying also to start even when SQX is already started with the other instance

Petr Šomek

02.07.2020 08:37

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SQ code doesn't schedulle any future execution of itself, nor register any autorun (window register, autorun folder etc., nothing...)

Isn't possible that, when you run SQx, you run in several times (and it caused later next executions)?

Are you sure, that application is not registered in autorun processes? (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, and check autostart tab)

LOcking your windows bar - this can be caused by our updater (according the screen I see that application freeze at the moment, when updater was shown) - updater will be totally replaced by new one in the next release

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