[129RC1] Missing end user reporting

Some of program code has incomplete error/handling and/or end user reporting. Seen in many areas  including some important ones.

Many errors are not reported to end user creating illusion all worked well.

Illustrative example: Missing end user reporting:


onSetRemoteAccess {
jsonObject.put("success", )"Settings saved.");
return jsonObject.toString();
catch (Exception ex) {
return HttpJSONServlet.apiErrorJSON("Error while saving remote access settings", ex);
GUI code:

$scope.onSaveRemoteAccessSettings = function(){
BackendService.sendRequest('/main/setremoteaccess', $scope.remoteAccess, function(){
$rootScope.showSuccess(L.tsq("Remote Access settings saved.")); <<-- Returned error by backend is ignored. Only reporting success

Tx. Enyx
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03.08.2020 09:57

Task created


Tomas Brynda

03.08.2020 11:22

Status changed from New to Refused

If you looked deeper into the code, you would see that BackendService.sendRequest handles errors internally and when an error occurs on backend, it shows an error message and doesn't call callback function.


03.08.2020 12:42

Tomas, absolutely correct, checked it,  accept my apologies.

I got confused buy the original error which seems ignored within backed and not being reported back to GUI itself. There is a separate bug on this one.


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