genetics breeding function of the algo never actually worked

Set mutation to zero, disable fresh blood options, set crossover to (presumably) any non zero. After gen #1 finishes, no new strategies are tested beyond gen 1 and all the generations instantly complete after that without any testing or log entries. We would expect some brand new strategies to be produced as children of two parents via breeding which would need to be tested.
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07.11.2020 01:58

Task created



07.11.2020 03:21

Mark Fric

13.11.2020 09:47

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It was supposed to be fixed, I'll check it once again.



13.11.2020 18:40
Voted for this task.

Mark Fric

16.11.2020 11:50
I rechecked it, but there is no problem. Crossover didn't work before, but it works as it should in new Buold 130 Dev 1.

The fact that there are some repeating strategies doens't mean that it doesn't work, crossower doest't produces better strategies most of the time.

If you'll set mutation to 0 and crossover to 50-100% you'll see that there is still progress in evolution and fitness is increasing.

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