Algo Wizard Custom Blocks are pretty much unusable in templates

There are a number of issues with custom blocks on Algo Wizard templates which makes them unusable in templates right now.

The issues are as follows:

- Missing custom block names. Once entered into a template the names appear initially but it then later replaces them with the custom block key which makes it difficult to edit parameters in them if you have several custom blocks. It can also affect the ability of the template to run in builder with error messages being generated in builder.

- Using random generation with "same as" just doesn't work. Sometimes the reference number of the parameter being used does not appear in the drop down box or what often happens is once all these have been set up and saved then if the template is reloaded they have been deleted and are missing. This seems to get worse if several custom blocks are used in the same template.

- Unable to assign custom blocks to "Random Groups"

- The ability to select custom blocks in a new condition sometimes disappears as the "Customs Blocks" box is not there when you press "Add new condition" 

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31.01.2022 06:56

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Sample blocks as requested.


31.01.2022 07:03

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@Devs: Try adding random parameters to the blocks, use same as in the negated blocks and save it. When you re-load it and all the random parameters have been removed. At least thats what happens with me.

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