Nesting And Blocks

This would allow multiple conditions to occur while the state of another condition is active. For example, (Bullish Engulfing Candle || Doji || 3rd condition) may be the first condition and while could look at a separate condition to compare if the first conditions are happening WHILE MACD > 0 or something of this nature. It would allow conditions to be grouped together without just chaining them together linearly.
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03.11.2018 15:56

Task created



04.11.2018 07:12
Mind giving a specific example of what you could accomplish with the your "while" logic that you can not accomplish with chaining "and" conditions? In your example you could just chain with "and", what's the difference? (If bullish AND macd > 0....) 

In programming "while" is to initiate or close a loop but we can't loop the conditions in isolation over and over, we have to continue running all the code.

Any reason this applies to genetic evolution as apposed to the wizard or random gen? 


04.11.2018 07:33
I wasn't talking about while loops. From what I understood about the and condition, it can only pair blocks together in a chain one by one instead of nesting blocks together. I have never seen SQ look at multiple conditions with an and condition. The format would essentially look like (cond1 && cond2 || condN) && [while] cond3. If SQX already has the ability to nest these blocks together and apply and conditions in this way then please ignore this. I was really only referring to the parenthesis and how conditions can be grouped with an otherwise and statement

When I mean for GE, I mean for parameters able to be selected for GE whether that be in the building blocks or otherwise.



04.11.2018 21:51
I have since updated the description to make this a little more specific. If SQX already has the ability to do this then please ignore this.

Mark Fric

18.11.2018 13:43

Status changed from New to Refused

SQ already has this ability, AND and OR blocks are "naturally" nested. Just look at the MQL code and you'll see the quotes.

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